So tiredzzzzzzzzzzz........

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So tiredzzzzzzzzzzz........

When your baby has you up all night and you're turning into zombie mom, what do you do to keep yourself from passing out during the day? Coffee? Tea? Nice warm/cool shower? Running errands? Exercise? Or something else....
How often does your LO get you up at night? Do you have trouble falling back asleep once you've been up?

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Coffee is a must for me, but I've just been having tea (save for a couple of times) the past week and a half because I caught a nasty cold from DH and DD. The tea helps me feel less congested and gives me that caffeine kick. If I can get a shower in, I'll do it. It defiantly helps.

Really I try to just keep my cool and take a lot of deep breaths. I'm a cranky girl when I'm tired and I hate snapping at DD just because DS is naturally going to get up a lot at this stage in life.

DS is starting to sleep better. If he takes an "evening nap", he'll go down around 8 and wake up again at 10-11ish. Usually I try to go to bed around 9:30/10 if he's not up so that's usually a "longer" feeding session (40 min +), then he'll sleep until 2-3:30 and stay down until about 6. he used to spend an hour or two up at the 2/3 am feeding, but he's getting better about going back down quickly so I feel fairly rested.

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I have coffee evvveryday Smile Part of why we co-sleep is because I have a really hard getting up once I have fallen asleep and I also have a hard time falling back asleep if I wake up too much. When Marek was waking in the night and crying I would sit up in bed and rock back and forth and pat his back with my eyes closed and drift because I was so tired LOL!

I'm feeling pretty great lately though because he is falling asleep for the night within an hour of Kostas going to bed and I am not having to do anything more than roll over sometimes to switch sides for nursing. I still don't pass up the coffee though! Smile