Soooooo tired..... Zzzzzzzz

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Soooooo tired..... Zzzzzzzz

Anyone else falling asleep at the helm? I am supposed to be taking iron daily, but am forgetting it quite a bit. D'oh! Does it really make that big of a difference?

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It might! I have been having a lot of "first trimester" symptoms since about 26 weeks including nausea and fatigue. Then I get insane nesting urges and wear myself out quickly.

I hope you're able to find some energy soon!

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I wasn't aware that if you are low on iron it could tire you out. I ran out of my normal prenatals and have been taking my first trimester gummies without the iron (because of the nausea in first trimester). I do have it on my list to buy more prentals, but I might just run out and get more today. I don't need anything contributing to my fatigue. GL and sorry I don't know the answer for you.

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Iron has a lot to do with fatigue. If your iron is low, then you are generally more tired. Have you been taking your iron with some vitamin C? I've heard from other people that you need to so that your body will absorb the iron. Good luck!

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They told me I was anemic too and I have also been tired. I haven't been taking my iron at all. I hate it because it either makes me throw up or makes me constipated. Ugh. It's sooooo hard to sleep now too. I find that over the last week or so I feel soooo much bigger than I did a couple weeks ago and now I just can't get comfy. I guess this is preparing us for whats to come. Smile