Speaking of maternity clothes....

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Speaking of maternity clothes....

So... it gets cold here in the Northeast. Are you guys buying maternity coats? It seems so wastefull. I have an A-Line swing coat (non-maternity) which I haven't tried on yet... but am hoping that it will carry me through. But it's like a pea coat..... so a little formal for running errands etc. ugh ugh ugh

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In a lot of Clothes I got on Craigslist there was a couple things for colder weather although some of it, I don't know how or what I would wear it with. But I still have my old coar from when I lost a bunch of weight and I only have to go to the end of November probably. I will make due without buying one!

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I have been wondering about a coat for the colder weather. I live on the Prairies of Canada, we are already dipping down to -4 celsius (approx 25 fahrenheit for you Americans) overnight and will have snow by Halloween. I am hoping some of my heavier hoodies will carry me through but I might have to raid my hubby's winter coats for the end of November and early December.

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I live on the coast in SC so we don't get super cold weather down here. I do have a pea coat that has lots of extra room in the belly that I plan on using though. Pretty much like you were describing. I just can't see spending hardly any money on maternity clothes period. I bought some stuff to get my thru the summer, but I only have a couple things to get my thru the cooler weather so I know I will have to at least get a few more things but I dread it!

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I've been debating this. I have a wrap jacket (that's a jersey type material) but that won't last past mid fall. I am hoping I can find a transitional coat for the end of the pregnancy. If I do buy maternity, I figure I can give it to friends/family as a hand me down or sell it to a consignment store/on craigslist later.

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I will just be wearing DHs Columbia coat. He has other coats that he prefers, so it works out great for me. Smile

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I have also been wondering what I should do. I have a parka that *may* fit, although I haven't tried it on yet. I've checked eBay a couple of times wondering if I should get a maternity coat because I'm in school full time and I have to walk all over campus several times a day and our winters here are cold and usually full of snow! Hmm . . . I should go try on the parka. LOL