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Stickies up top...

Hey everyone, does Mandynz come on this board anymore? I am wondering if we should have someone else set up a sticky and keep it updated with due dates / blinkies / gender count / etc... I keep trying to find a listing of how many baby girls and boys we're going to have but I can't find one and the due date sticky we have up top hasn't been updated in a while.

Any volunteers? I have no idea how to make a thread a sticky but I am sure one of you must know!

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A board mod (host) can do it. Since this board hasn't been assigned a mod (host) yet, a site assistant or other admin had the power to do it. You can PM MissyJ or or Marla (Princess&ThePea). Or if you want I can direct someone over here to help if you want. You can post here what you need/want done and I can give them a heads up. You should also be getting your hosts assigned soon, so it may be a non-issue once that happens.

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I always wondered if we had a host....

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I was thinking it would be nice to have the gender guess sticky changed too....with a tally of boys, girls, and unknowns.

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I would gladly make us a thread but if we get a MOD/host soon, maybe just wait? :/ Hmmmm.....