Surprising First Appointment....

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Surprising First Appointment....

Well, it had to happen to one of us at least; right? I'm 35. I knew it was a distant possibility, but with no family history I was shocked to hear the doc thinks we're having twins. I'm almost 11 weeks, but my uterus is measuring 16 weeks. So either my dates are off and I'm farther along (which I know for a fact I had a period in March, but it's possible?!) or there's two. I have an ultrasound on Tuesday. So we will see then. It's an overwhelming thought so I'm just going to breathe and wait for Tuesday. We were able to hear at least one faint heartbeat. Everything else looked good. Blood pressure was good.

I've been thinking my stomach is growing rapidly for 10 weeks. I'm trying really hard to keep my weight down, but my pants keep getting tighter. It makes a little more sense now!!!!

So there you have it, Ladies! I'll let ya know next week......

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Wow - Can't believe you have to wait 5 days!!! I'd be dying!

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Good luck! I found out at my gender ultrasound at 21 weeks I'm expecting twin boys. I'm 32 and have no family history either. Smile

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They say the older the woman the more likey she is to have multiples!! I guess its true lol !!! Good luckkk on tuesday !

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Amy!!! Wow!!! How exciting!! I can't wait to hear the results of your Tuesday ultrasound! Either way, whether your just further along or you have twins in there, I am so happy that you heard a heartbeat and everything looks good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it all works out exactly as you want it to. Biggrin

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I posted on the nov. board, but last night I thought I found 2 heart beats with my home doppler. I havent talked to my OB yet, and I go in on the 29th, so I may just wait till then to talk to her.

Any way, from what I've been reading Identical twins are more random, and can happen with or with out a family history. Fraternal twins are the ones that tend to run in families. Also, like you said, the older you get the higher your chances of multiples are.

Good luck. Hopefully the next few days go fast for you

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Wow Amy congrats!!! What a shock and amazing surprise. I second what Kier said, all I know about identical twins suggests that they're more chance because of the egg splitting where as fraternal seem to run in families but you never know. Someone's got to start the trend in each family right?

SO excited for you.

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Eek! That'd definitely be a surprising first appointment.

I have a friend who measured ahead her whole pregnancy and her doctor thought there must be 2 in there! She was sent a couple times for u/s just to check that there was just one as her doctor was so certain that he kept saying "one must be hiding." She did indeed only have 1 baby.

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Wow that is a huge surprise at an appointment. Can't wait to hear how it goes on Tuesday.