Team Greenies, need your help

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Team Greenies, need your help

As small as our group is, we seem to have a few greenies out there. I am considering myself team green too since *if* I find out, it won't be till 33 weeks. My question, how do you prepare? All yellow, green, and white? Heh heh. The new baby will be taking over my DS2's room which is all jungle themed. I guess I'm living thinking, 'it's gotta be a boy' right now to put my mind at ease, but my anal retentive ways are secretly freaking out at the possibility of a girl.

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Like you, I don't get my u/s until I'm about 28 weeks along. We decided to do a lot of yellows and basic colors. I like to have everything planned out to at "T," but w/not knowing it's so hard. Good luck!!

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Go Team Green!

I feel like Jungle works for boy or girl.

Here's my plan. My neutral theme is "Night Owls" and I've found really cute sheets, rug etc. I'm actually planning to paing a mural on the wall (which is already a neutral tanish). The mural will be a tree, with a branch extending over the crib. There will be Owls on the branch, a mommy owl, daddy owl and a big sister owl. Smile

The store bought stuff is pretty darn boy looking. So if it's a boy we'll be all good (from a room perspective, but from a clothes perspective not so much). But I was thinking that if it's a girl, I'll incorporate some pink accents..... like hot gluing pink ribbon on the lampshade, or getting a pink throw for the rocker etc.

So basically I'll stick to neutral and then girly it up later if I need to. Smile