Teething already?

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Teething already?

I am almost convinced John has started teething. He has been SO fussy/drooling/hands in mouth/not satisfied it's insane. He is still sick (caught a cold last week while getting over a mild bronchial infection) so that's been effecting him, but not to the point I think it would cause all this. DD teethed early too.

ANyone else?

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Marek seems like he is in early stages of teething. Unexplained fussiness, super drooly, hands in mouth chewing on them... I highly doubt he will actually cut any anytime soon because we are late teeth cutters in my family but the behavior screams teething, so I'm thinking there's activity in there that we just can't see.

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Oh my gosh you guys! Can our LOs really be that old??? Noooo! Philip doesn't have any drooling, but he is starting to chew on his hands. He's still a way off from teething I'd say.