Things I wish I had put in the hospital bag:

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Things I wish I had put in the hospital bag:

For those of you still waiting, I thought I'd quickly post some of the things I wish I had packed in my hospital bag while it's still fresh in my mind. Keep in mind, though, that I had to stay for 2 nights because my GBS was positive, so if you are only staying one night, you may not need some of these things. Smile

Snacks! I wish I had packed some yummy treats in my bag. I ate plenty during my stay there, but I got kind of hungry when I'd be up for the nighttime feedings.

Rented movies. My husband was at home with our other kids for quite a bit of the time while I was there--well, he was with me for much of the day since my mom was with my kids, but he was home at night--so I was kind of bored and cable TV was no help so I wished I had some good movies to watch.

More clothes and blankets for baby. The nurses said I could put Leila in her own clothes and blankets pretty much right after birth and I had only brought a couple of outfits and a couple of blankets so once those were dirtied, I was out!

Body wash. I brought my facial cleanser, which I ended up using as a body wash, but I didn't have any actual body wash to use in the shower. Might have been nice to have a sample size or small bottle of body wash and a soft loofah to use while there.

Dental floss. I had forgotten to bring some!!!

One more thing that I can think of right now: the photographers never told me in advance that they were coming, nor did they tell me that they would want ME to be in the photos so I was totally unprepared when they walked in. Luckily, I had a clean outfit for Leila to wear and they gave me a quick few minutes to put on some makeup--in a hurry!!--so I felt ok about the photos but I really wish I had been prepared in advance. So word to the wise: be prepared for photographers just in case! They came in the day after Leila was born, in the morning.

I'll update more as I think of things!!

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I'm totally taking this list into consideration when packing my bags tonight.

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Thanks for the list! DH says he wants to stay with us in the hospital overnight but I've told him before that if for some reason we need to stay an extra night or two like we did with DD (our hospital has you stay 2 nights for vaginal deliveries unless everything is perfect and you really insist on just 1) so the movies thing sounds like a good idea. I too pack body wash of my own as i know they don't have it at the hospital. I never would have thought of late night snacking but that makes total sense.

I'm sorry the photographers caught you off guard, but you never would have known it looking at the pictures you posted. Biggrin

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I second snacks! We had them... and they ended up being a real life saver. DD was born at 3:20, so the kitchen wasn't open. THe nurse wanted me to get up post Epi, but was afraid I'd be a little weak. She said she could get me some apple juice and she'd try to find some crackers or something. I had brought home made trail mix and downed it. Smile