Think I am out

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Think I am out

Got a BFN today.

My cycle is really weird and I think I need to get to know it a bit better! lol

When I am on fertility meds I O around CD 20-21 and then I have a 16 day lp. So my cycles are 36 days long.

This one I O'd on CD 11 and AF is now 4 days early so this cycle has only been 23 days long. I am weirded out! lol

Best of luck ladies........and I will be moving on!!

The winter is best for us to have a baby because of my cross my fingers for next month!!

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Aw I'm so sorry Sad My cycles are much like yours, 30-36 days long. If it's any consolation the cycle before I got my BFP I was all weirded out because I had an unusually short 25 day cycle, so maybe next month is your month! Biggrin GL!

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Wow, what a difference in cycle. :goodluck: for next month!

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So sorry, I hope next month you get your +!

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Sorry you're out this cycle. Hopefully, next month will be your lucky cycle!

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Sorry about AF showing up. Hopefully your cycle will even out soon. Come join us on January 13! Smile

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I'm sorry Tara that has to be frustrating with the variation in your cycles. I hope next month is your month!! :goodluck: