Tongue-tied nursing

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Tongue-tied nursing

BFing mamas, what are your thoughts on the clipping of baby's tongue? All my sons have been tongue tied and I've never had one of their tongues clipped. DS2 had the worst tongue tie of all and nursed to almost 2! In the beginning, nursing HURTS! But I don't think it's necessarily from being tongue tied, rather your nipples just have to toughen up. What are your thoughts? This LC at the hospital was gung ho on snipping my son's tongue this time but I refused. Neither of my older boys have speech issues either, btw.

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I don't have any experience with tongue tied babies but if you have successfully nursed 2 tongue tied babies already then I would give it a try an see how it goes before considering clipping if I were you.

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lurker alert!

DS was severely tongue tied, we had it clipped at 6 days old. The difference in nursing was immediate.

If your nursing is not being affected, then what is the harm in waiting? The tie often stretches out and it can be clipped as they get older if needed.