Transition to crib

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Transition to crib

Sarah is finally getting big enough that I am comfortable putting her in a swaddling blanket. We started Monday night and she has slept in her crib every night! She sleeps 4-5 hours, wakes up for a feed and then sleeps another 3-4 hours which takes us to morning! I miss my cosleeping cuddles but it is so nice to be able to sleep comfortably again!

Here is a pic of her swaddled.

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Your swaddle blanket looks so thick and warm! Makes me want one. Smile

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That is great! (And such a cute pic btw) I think Philip is getting ready to go into his too. At night, he no longer wants to rock in the rocking chair. Sad He just wants to lay down by himself. So bittersweet.

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She looks so sweet! DS loves being swaddled but the one time I put him in a swaddle blanket he hated it. Our cosleeper is good to use for a long time but I'm thinking he'll be in his crib before DD was (7 months).

We too are having some more success with longer stretches in the last few days -- 3/4 hours then 2.5-3.5 it's been great with everyone in the house being sick but him.

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Jay is 5 months and I still dont have his crib set up..