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I got to change my BIG ultrasound yesterday from the 30th to the 16th! I'm so excited! DH's work trip was cancelled...and if it ends up happening, I will prob still go cuz I can't wait to see what this baby is!

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Yay!! How exciting! The waiting to find out just draaaaags, doesn't it? Do you have any feeling one way or the other about what baby might be? I can't wait to hear your news.

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Hopefully you have a good appt and the baby will cooperate! I was soo excited and baby was breech and really low and not able to show anything with a regular or vaginal ultrasound. Explained some pain and some spotting I had. I do get a retake in a week and half though because the placenta is really low.
Good luck! So exciting!! I can't wait again. Maybe this time I will even get a good profile picture.

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Woo how exciting! I hope you get to find out. Biggrin