Ultrasound from LAST Friday :) Pic included

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Ultrasound from LAST Friday :) Pic included

Hi ladies-

Sorry I didn't get back to you before now.... I've either been sleeping, or working or wishing I was sleeping Smile I had my ultrasound last Friday, and the baby measured 7 weeks and 3 days at the time (now 8 weeks and 3 days). So my due date was bumped up one day, but pretty spot on from where I thought I was. I got to see my little one, and it just makes it all the more real!!


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Yay for a good appointment! I'm with you..it all of a sudden felt real once I saw the u/s. Oh and ditto on the sleeping!

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How gorgeous! congrats!!!

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Awwwww.... you got a cute pic! Love those little arm buds.

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Awww, great pic! So glad everything looks great and you got to come update us!

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Congrats on a great appointment and awesome u/s! What a sweet little bub!

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Congrats! What a beautiful picture! So glad everything went well!

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Very cute picture! Glad everything went well with your appointment.

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Thanks everyone! We are super excited and just can't wait for the next 4 weeks to be over!!!

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Wow, that is about the clearest early ultrasound pic I have ever seen! Amazing!!!! And so so cute! Congrats! I'm with you on the sleeping too... man am I tired!