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I haven't been around much, but I wanted to update you all that I've been transferred to high risk OB. I have to be seen every two weeks and ultrasounds every four weeks to check growth. It's my blood pressure again! I got preeclampsia with my first pregnancy, and at 24 weeks my blood pressure started shooting up again....and I've been on meds the whole time!

Baby is great. He is measuring well, but they are worried about low birth weight cuz Tobias was only 5 pounds full- term last time. So all is well pretty much. Just being watched more closely.

Hope everybody else is doing well. We get to meet these miracles in a few short months!!

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Sorry you are dealing with the Preeclampsia again, but it sounds like they are taking good care of you! I hope you are feeling well.

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Thanks for the update, Amy! I'm sorry you have to deal with the pre-e again and that you're going in for so many appointments. I remember how exhausting that was despite the reassurance of knowing your LO is doing great. DD was 5 lbs too though she was at 36 weeks. I am glad they're taking good care of you two.

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I'm sorry you are having to deal with pre-e already! Sounds like you are being well cared for, though. Hope you are able to rest and that you feel well.

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Nice to hear from you, Amy. I'm sorry about the Pre-E! I hope between you and the new OB that you are able to control it as much as possible. I'm so glad he is measuring well--keep growing lil guy! Good luck and take care. Keep us updated if you are able!

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I'm also on the same boat. I had pre E twice already. I get to see prenatal testing every other week and that's with sono. I also go o a kidney specialist. I did 2 24hr test and the last one came up 152 for protein. My bp has sky rocketed over the last month. little man is holding good at 1#6oz, next measurement is on wed.... We are 26% for growth. #3 was born at 34 weeks at 3#6oz. She experienced growth restriction due to pre e

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Oh Amy, that's terrible. Sad I'm so glad that baby is doing well though, regardless. Does the doctor think you will have to deliver early? I'd guess since your other son had such a low birthweight they will do everything possible for that NOT to happen.

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I hope they are able to control your blood pressure and keep your LO inside!! Best of luck!