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We moved into a big boy crib today!! Finally off 02. oral feeds 3x a day. up to 4#11oz!

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Awwww so good to hear from you and see your sweet boy! When do you think he'll be coming home? How are you feeling?

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Thanks for the update, so glad it is going well!

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thanks for the update! I wondered how you were doing, glad to hear it's all good!

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Nurse said prob a couple weeks away. Getting closer!

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Yay! So glad he is doing so well! Hope you are well also! KUP

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He looks amazing!! I'm so glad to hear things are going so well for him. I hope you're feeling as good as possible and are getting some rest in there somewhere.

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Awww yayyy!!! Hes getting nice and chunkyyyy

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aww what a sweetheart! He is so much bigger than the last time I saw a pic of him! He looks great! Hope he can go home soon!!