Urinalisis Results - EColi

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Urinalisis Results - EColi

Hi There - The nurse called and my urine test came back that I have eColi bacterial infecction. She said it's pretty common and just put me on an antibiotic. Anyone else get this? Google results are a little scary.... so trying to stay away.

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I've had several UTIs before but they haven't ever told me it was specifically do to e. coli. From what I can tell online it looks like e.coli is responsible for the "vast majority of UTIs" so hopefully yours is nothing out of the ordinary. I hope the meds clear it up ASAP! UTIs are no fun. Blush

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Yes most utis are from ecoli, but dont worry, this isnt the ecoli you hear everyone geting killer sick over. EVERYONE has ecoli in their intestines. Since us ladies unfortunately have close proximity, that is almost always the cause of infection down there. Probably best its that and not another bacteria that is hard to treat.

I wouldnt worry about it at all!

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"KittyRN" wrote:

EVERYONE has ecoli in their intestines.

This is what the nurse said. Makes me feel a little better. It's strange... my sympoms havn't felt like UTI ...except for frequent urination of small amounts... it hasn't burned like a UTI normally would. Really it's felt more like yeast infections. But whatever. I told my DH that if the meds do their job maybe he can finally get some. lol

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That would have freaked me out too. Glad to hear it's pretty common though. Sometimes online health info can be your worst enemy.

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That would make me nervous too but it's reassuring knowing that it's something that could happen to any of us and is completely treatable with antibiotics. I hope they knock it out soon.