Urinary Tract Infection Yuck

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Urinary Tract Infection Yuck

Apparently, I have a UTI and didn't even know it. That kind of grosses me out to be honest. I would hope that I know my body well enough to know when it's sick or fighting an infection, but I guess not. My Dr called me today to let me know that the urine sample they took on Friday showed that I had a UTI and they needed to call in an Rx for me to take. I have been feeling yucky lately and I have been feeling lots of pressure and the need to pee all the time, but I thought that was the pregnancy making me feel that way. Has anyone else ever had to take antibiotics while pregnant? I know they are safe but I still wish I didn't have to take them on top of the Zofran I am already taking.

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oh I'm sorry! Sad UTIs are no fun! At least your doctor caught it before it got super bad, ya know? I have had to take antibiotics for strep throat/tonsillitis while pregnant before and everything was fine. Hope those antibiotics kick it to the curb before you have to experience any more symptoms of it!

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Yuck! Hope you get feeling better soon! I am currently taking a Z-pack to get over a very nasty sinus infection. Antibiotics are okay, but I completely understand your hesitation--I don't like to take meds while pg.