Weight and CM Questions

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Weight and CM Questions

So.... I haven't gained any weight. Zero. Which is crazy considering the bump that I have. It's an obvious pregnancy bump. I went back to look at my space from when I was pregnant with DD, but didn't see my weight tracker in there... gusee maybe I deleted it? I remember last time I didn't gain much throughout the whole thing... but I want to say I'd at least gained some by this point (17weeks). I didn't get a chance to talk to the DR yesterday. What do you guys make of this? Should I be proactively trying to eat more?

Second, CM. I've had some crazy CM recently. Last week had a big glob come out. Then since then i've been wearing mini-pads. Anyone else experiencing this? Normal?

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4/30: 137
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Maybe I have gained weight. Went to my space to look/track from yesterday and I've gained 3lbs since my last appt. The first weight I think is a throw-away since it was done at a different office.

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I had some cm stuff going on too. Dr said it's normal and that many girls have to wear a lite pad. Mine comes and goes. I have only gained one pound. Dr told me yesterday that at the half way point is when they start paying attention to lack of weight gain. He knew I have had severe Ms that caused me to lose weight to begin with. Did you have bad m/s?

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Ive lost weight but I have had pretty bad m/s. I have lots of cm at times too. Globs like you describe, but it does come and go and i generally dont need a pad, just when I whip i see. it.

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The baby doesn't weigh much at this point, I wouldn't worry about the lack of weight gain yet. The 3rd trimester the baby really packs it on. ( I have the opposite going on, boo!)

I have had some CM but nothing like that but havce heard of others having the same thing. But might be a question for the doc.

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I would consider yourself lucky! I am gaining weight so rapidly that I dread going in for my appt next week for fear that I might be scolded by my doc. Ugh. With my first child, I hadn't gained a pound at 20 weeks--put on 45 by the end, go figure. So I think you are just fine!!

I have had lots of CM too--blobs that come and go. But talk with your doc about your concerns so you'll feel better, but I think you are totally normal! Smile

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Kristy- Enjoy it! Smile Your body knows what it needs and you are probably fine. I would think that soon you will need to start gaining, but as others have said already the baby is still small. I wish I hadn't gained any weight yet, but had a cute bump. I have gained weight in my butt, arms, FACE, etc. It's weird too because I have only gained like 5 or 6 pounds, but it shows! I am pretty short and petite so there is no hiding it.

As for the CM, today I had a huge golb too. Ugh it made me mad. I hate it! It's very annoying to be walking around and suddenly feel wet. I complained about it to DH the other day and he looked pretty grossed out that I would tell him such things. I told him to get over it! He wasn't the one who had to deal with it everyday!

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I'm in the same boat, I lost weight and now I am back at my starting weight. I agree with what PP said! Don't stress and enjoy it while it lasts!

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Same here, I had pretty bad m/s that has yet to go away still. I lost 10lbs and gained 3lbs of it back by about 15wks but I haven't gained a thing since then. So I'm still down 7lbs from my starting weight. I talked to my OB about it because the lack of weight gain kinda worried me but he said that unless you're underweight (ie - 100lbs or less) then no weight gain at this point is perfectly fine. I figure we'll be packing the pounds on by the 3rd trimester since that's when the baby actually starts putting on tons of weight.

About the cm, I've had some crazy cm on and off too - sometimes I'll have big globs but nothing too concerning.

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I once was part of this elusive 'no weight gain' club. Not any more. :/ I agree with the PPs. I'm sure it will pack on in no time. And really 15lbs weight gain can be totally normal, so maybe you'll get lucky and just gain that. Smile You have the cutest bump so you *know* that LO is growing and healthy.

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I'd say they both sound normal to me. Sometimes my cm got really funky with DD and they always just said it was fine as there wasn't blood and it didn't have any strange odor, etc.

I didn't start gaining weight really until I was around 14-15 weeks with DD when the vomiting from ms finally subsided. This pregnancy I haven't vomited at all and have gained about 3 lbs. It's funny how different each pregnancy is.

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I am down 4lbs ppw... Dr hasn't said much. They did suggest nutritionist, but they r only there on fridays. I work fridays. I didn't gain much with the other 3. Maybe 20 lbs at the most.

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I haven't gained weight yet either, but I am avoiding the scale!

I've had the same kind of CM--I think it's normal, but ask your dr. if you are concerned about it.