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Weird or innovative?

Soooooo just a friendly topic starter. Playing around on Pinterest and found a link for breast milk soap. I fed my LO for just shy of 2 years, so I'm an advocate, but this made me go 'hmmmmmm'. I guess they do have goat milk soap, right? What do you think? Would you turn your BM into soap???

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LOL For some reason my first reaction to breast milk soap was laughter. I am a big advocate for nursing as well, but thinking about making my own soap out of it kind of seems funny. It doesn't really gross me out like it might some people, but I can't imagine telling people I showered with it. However, I know that it has been said that it has healing capabilities. I remember people telling me to put it in my eyes when I had allergies. I never tried it but it could have worked. This is a little OT but I nursed DS for 13 months and I swear he never gets sick! The last time I actually had to take him to the Dr when he was sick was in August of 2010 b/c he had croup. He's had coughs and colds since then, but never anything that required meds to get better. I think he has a good immune system b/c I nursed him for 13 months and he started daycare at 13 months and was expsoed to lots of germs pretty early.

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Ok, I laughed at this too. I mean, really? People do that? It really shouldn't seem so far-fetched I guess since we do consume goat and cow milk and it is used in other products. hmm... I might have to try it just to say I did! Maybe it will be the secret to age-less skin!!! LOL

I breastfed my kiddos for different time periods because of work constraints. DS was only 2.5 months, DD1 was 10 months, and DD2 was 13 months. I really haven't noticed a difference in their immune systems to tell you the truth. But that is great that your DS is such a healthy little boy, Claire! That is great!

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I bet if would fabulous for your skin. I'd be weird using someone else's breast milk though. Maybe I can make my own!! Lol

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I would try it

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It would be something I would try with my own milk. I have heard of breast milk doing wonders from everything from pink eye to allergies. I too like to think my ds has an awesome immune system thanks to breast milk too.

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I laughed too but I am sort of intrigued. We BF'd for 18 months and DD never got sick outside of seasonal sniffles it was great.

I may just try that. I've used EBM on DD's eye when she had pink eye and it didn't help that but when it was gunky due to her sinuses being small and her tear duct getting a little congested it helped clear it up faster.

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