What is going on......and an introduction

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What is going on......and an introduction

Hi Ladies,

My name is Tara, I have been on here for years but haven't been around in awhile. DH and I were hoping to have 1 more and went to the ferility clinic a couple of weeks ago to the ball rolling again for IVF. All of my pregnancies have been fertility assisted......but for some reason as I get closer to 40 my body has finally started to work. I have O'd on my own for the last 5 months......this month is the most painful O pain I have even had. Right now I am sitting here with a hot water bottle on my belly because it is so bad............we dtd last night but I don't think we will be doing it tonight because I can barely stand!!! I am only on CD11.....this has never happened before so it is so weird for me to be normal! lol

So if we caught the eggie I would be due on Dec 23rd!! I have always wanted a Christmas baby!!!

I have 3 beautiful boys and 4 angels in heaven. Hopefully I will be able to get to stick around and get to know you all.


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Hope this is it, and you get your Christmas baby!

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Welcome! :wavehello: I hope you caught that egg and you will get to skip IVF! I agree... I have always wanted a december baby! I am 99% sure I am out this cycle. AF symptoms that started 5 days ago and still no AF but a lot of BFNs! Anyway- hope you get to stick around here. Lots of luck and baby dust!

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Hi Tara! That would be great if little number 4 just came on their own. Wink Here's hoping that you get lucky right from the start and won't have to visit the fert clinic. Do you chart too?

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Hi, Tara! I remember you! Hope you get your Christmas baby this time!

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Welcome Tara! What a wonderful EDD that would be! How awesome that you're body's doing so well on it's own (despite the pain it's causing). I SO hope you catch that egg!

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Was your middle DS born in March? Your name looks really familiar. I hope you catch that egg and get your December baby. Smile

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Welcome and I hope you did catch this eggy for a dec baby!!

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Welcome and I hope you caught that eggie!!

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Oh wow! I hope your wish comes true and you get a Christmas baby!! GL!!

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Thanks ladies.......even though I am only 4 dpo, I FEEL pg!! lol I hope so!! It would definitely be a miracle after everything I have been through.

Angela~Yes my middle son was born March 07. Where you on that board too?

It is fun to be on these boards again!!

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I was Smile I totally remember you! I hope we can share a board again, crossing my fingers for you!

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Hi Tara,
I shared a BB with you for Hayden and Wyatt. We're also TTC again! I hope we both get to stay.

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Yeah, so many old faces on here still!!!!

Like I said....it would be a miracle, but as my dr says.....Miracles do happen!