'What was I thinking?!' moment

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'What was I thinking?!' moment

Am I the only one who thinks, 'OMG!! What was I thinking??' when it comes to the new baby? I seriously have those moments and am in a little bit of denial that a new baby WILL be here soon. Whether I like it or not. Ugh! I hate having cold feet. My two sons are so wild at times and I just can't believe we are adding to our family. (Even though we planned for this LO) I'm so far behind on getting things ready and having all the stuff I need for #3. It's like if I don't think about it, time will last forever.... HA! Anyone else thinking like this??

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Marie, I have that thought quite often...with the big family I have right now, it is scary to think that there is one more on the way. It just makes you try that much harder, though. You will do great!

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:lurk: ... I lurk everywhere! LOL

Lisa, I admire you for having a big family. DH and I wanted two kids to begin with. If this pregnancy goes well and we do have a kid, this will be number one. I told him HE is getting pregnant with the next one because the m/s is killing me. Still.

Marie, I know I'm way way way behind you. But I'm still in denial that I'm pregnant. I listen to the heartbeat, but Im being super pessimistic about having this baby. I want a baby SO bad - but I try very hard not to get excited about things I can't control. I haven't bought a single thing for me or the baby. Some maternity clothes were given to me, that's all I've been wearing. All my clothes still fit...kind of.. with the zipper half way down and unbuttoned LOL

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I do get a little overwhelmed but it's more about bills and things non baby related (or not directly). I am really nervous to commit to child care for DD for my NSTs and growth ultrasounds that will start in three weeks. We were thinking PT daycare/school but the only places I'd consider are in the city I see my MW/OB and that's 25 minutes away so we'd have to make major adjustments to our schedule to get her to school on time so I'm leaning toward just finding a good sitter. I would love the instant socialization of school but I worry about illness running rampant. Plus with a sitter who is flexible, if I have another PTL scare (likely the way my body is) that I have reliable care that isn't restricted to certain hours.

DD's inconsistent sleeping does make me wonder how I will manage with nursing all night and needing to care for her as well. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this LO will be a better sleeper then his sister was. Wink

Jessica - I've heard so many moms say the same things you have. Pregnancy is so challenging in it's own ways and so different every time. I'm sure it will all just click and everything will fall into place.

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I have had those moments a few times which surprises me because we were discussing #3 when we got pregnant. I think for me it is more the fact that we were completely out of the baby stage and it would have been so easy to say we are done and sell off our baby stuff. Now I am heading back to sleepless nights, sore boobs and diaper changes!