What should I get my brother for Christmas?

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What should I get my brother for Christmas?

Last on my list of people where I need to mail gifts, so I'm trying to get it done within the next week. Any ideas for guys in mid-30s. No real hobbies to speak of.

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For people who live far away, I try to order stuff from amazon (they have so much there) or gift certificates too. Does he like going to the movies? I was thinking of getting my parents gift certificates so they could go to dinner then a movie together.

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Yeah, that is a tricky one alright. Do you know if he pays attention to any sports teams? Or plays video games? I have a brother closing in on 30 and am trying to think of gifts I've gotten him. He's an Ohio state buff, so lots of options there. I've gotten him a new controller for his playstation3. Does he do any tinkering with his car or projects around the house? Maybe a Lowe's gift card or Home Depot. A gift card for having his car detailed at a local place? That's a tricky one alright.....