Who has told people?

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Who has told people?

We just got the positive test on Sunday and DH wants to wait to tell people. I talk to my mom everyday on the phone and it is so hard to not blurt out the news! DH says I can tell my parents next week but he wants to wait (and I understand) because his parents are away right now and he wants to tell the parents around the same time.

We told our 2 kids last night as they were jumping and trying to wrestle with me and I kept saying "be careful of my tummy!" Finally my oldest caught on and asked why. I figure they have already basically forgotten and I don't have to worry about them saying anything. Could be wrong though.

So have any of you told people outside of preg.org the news yet?

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We've told everyone! Or I should say my DH has told everyone. I wanted to keep it quite, but he couldn't hold it in. So word has spread throughout our friends and family.

I've had one misscarrige before at 9 1/2 weeks but I carried to 14 weeks. It was tough telling people, but I feel that if people hadn't known, the constant, what's wrong questions would have really gotten to me.

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IF we are pregnant, we will wait to tell people in late June, as we have a big family reunion then. That way, nobody can say they didn't find out until after so-and-so found out. I will tell my work when it's past the 20 week mark, even if I have to wear parkas to hide it.

For my last pregnancy, we told about week 18. Since I worked from home it was easy to not tell work.

If I had my druthers, I'd wait until after I delivered to tell anyone.

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I've told a couple people but are waiting until my kids combined birthday party in May to tell most family. I could not tell my kids yet even though that part is hard, my daughter would be telling everyone Wink Plus I think it would be hard explaining a miscarriage to a 4 and 5/6 year old.
Out last pregnancy we told dh's parents fairly quickly as his dad had terminal cancer. I couldn't hide my belly any longer than first trimester I am sure. Heck, I had trouble hiding my belly before I got pregnant.

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We are waiting until after the 1st trimester. I lost my DS at 20 weeks last year. I know that I obviously can't keep it a secret at 20 weeks so I will tell before that. In my last 2 pregnancies I have always told people right away because I was so excited. This will be the first time that I wait and it's only because of my past experience. I totally know how you feel though! It feels so weird holding on to this exciting information and not being able to tell. The only person that I have told is one of my close friends at work. We tell share lots of personal stuff with one another, but we really only talk at work. Never hang out outside of work if that makes sense.

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We haven't told anyone yet. I had a m/c in December at 15 weeks so we are really just trying to spare our families the worry. We will tell them when everything looks good into the second trimester. Other people I will not tell until after we have the results of our 20 week u/s, including my children. I can even bare the thought of explaining another miscarriage to them.

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We told my parents and DH parents, and my two best friends that live out of state. We will tell my sisters and his sisters on Mother's Day, and everyone else will have to wait until June when we are out of the first trimester Smile