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Hey ladies!!! Sorry I've been MIA for the past week..... It's been crazy at work!! Looking forward to finally having some time off with the family!!! So I work in a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) as a registered nurse. Let me tell you, it is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought to keep it a secret!!! Two of the girls have already figured out I'm pregnant! It does come in a little handy though because they are willing to step in and do X-rays for me so I'm not exposing my bean to that nasty stuff. Anyone else having a hard time keeping their pregnancy a secret???

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I have almost told a few different friends and my oldest DS. I have been able to keep quiet but after my appt. next week we will probably start telling a few more people!

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I work from home which makes it a little easier. I was supposed to go in this week but I made up an excuse to stay home because I knew I'd blow it and I'm just not ready to tell. The next time I'm scheduled to go in is 5/3 and by that time I'll have had my U/S and would be ok with telling. She actually already knows that I'm trying.

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I told a close few,but thats it. After what happened yesterday, we are taking it one day at a time. I got a dr note for this weekend, so no work for me! My dd was in the nicu for 3 weeks, and they did her xrays with a portable. That must be hard to stay away from the radiation....

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That's nice of them to step and do the X-rays for you. I have only told one coworker. I know she won't say anything. I have been trying so hard not to let anyone know I am throwing up or feeling tired. I did pretend to be "sick" yesterday. I told my work I was getting over a bug so they wouldn't suspect anything. We haven't even told our DS or families yet. I wonder how long I can keep this up though. I feel like I look really bloated or something!!! At about 7 weeks?

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Not telling anyone at work isn't really a problem, since I don't go back from my current maternity leave until June or July (I'm in Canada) but I am scared to tell work seeing as I will only be back for less than 6 months and then gone again for another year!

As far as keeping the secret.. it is so hard and I've only seen one person so far other than DH since we found out!! My best friend is supposed to come visit tomorrow and since she lives 3 hours away she will probably be the first to know because I would like to tell her in person. My mom is coming to see us this afternoon but I am determined to keep my mouth shut because we ordered a "big brother" tshirt for Alex so I want to wait for that to get here before we tell them.

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I'm a SAHM so I don't have the issue of keeping it from co-workers.

But I am also not having an issue keeping it from family and friends IRL because this is a BFP shocker and so unexpected. I know my mom will be super excited as she loves babies and big families as will my MIL but the rest of the family will have some...errr....colorful responses, I'm sure.