Would you rather RE: Labor???

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Would you rather RE: Labor???

So all this pain etc. and still having 2 weeks until my due date had me thinking of a good "would you rather" question.

Would you rather endure 3-4 weeks of difficult pregnancy at the end (think pinful BH, cramping, pelvic pressure, hemroids) but then have a speedy active labor and delivery (let's call it 4-5hrs)


would you rather have a completely blissfull and pain-free pregnancy all the way through but a long and slightly more painful active labor and delivery (say 20-24hrs)?

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That's a tricky one. Since I am a total pain med advocate, I guess I would say the long painful labor? (Did I just type that?!? LOL) BUT, only if the pain meds were effective. I just *pray* for a simple labor with no surprises, no matter how long it is. I think not knowing what lies ahead is my biggest fear.

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Having done the long and painful pregnancy with a "fast labor" (I really was in labor for over a week we just stalled it for a while and when my water broke things went really fast) I would much rather go the easy pregnancy and longer labor route. While my time in the hospital was easy with DD overall, I had become pretty desensitized to the pain by then and it helped having an immediate goal in sight.

Maybe I'm bias too because I'm terrified I'll go into labor at home and not make it the 20 minutes to the hospital in time. Hah! Wink

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I got an epidural last time and it didn't work and I got really sick with it. So I'm all for fast delivery!

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I choose option A hands down.

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I'm picking easy pregnancy with longer labor. This walking around for weeks partially dialated with cramping and back aches is miserable! I just look back to my pg with DD and it was such a breeze! I was flitting around doing all sorts of things. This time I'm all about the couch.... moping and whining about when this baby's going to come. My poor husband.

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This pregnancy has given me lots of BH and recently cramping (just bad menstrual feeling cramps) and back pain. Last night was awful. Since I am doing a repeat c-section, I don't know how to answer this question.