XP: Insurance company trying to dictate where I give birth...

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XP: Insurance company trying to dictate where I give birth...

My husband got a new job last fall (thank God!) but despite the increase in pay and the better working conditions, their health plan is through BCBS. I am grateful to have health insurance, but when it comes to pregnancy, they are horrible.

My other two children were born in free standing birth centers with midwives. The labors went quickly (9 hrs for the first, 11 hrs for the 2nd) and both baby's were nearly 10lb (9lb 12oz and 9lb 15oz). My 2nd child was born in the water in full squat and despite her size, I didn't tear one bit! I highly doubt that would have happened lying flat on my back in a bed.

So the problem is that there is only 1 birth center in the entire state of NC that is in-network with BCBS, and that birth center is 2 hours from me. I don't really want to drive that far for all of my prenatal appts, much less labor! With my other insurance company, all I had to tell them was that they cover birth centers, but there are none in my area that are in-network so they granted an exception and paid the birth center at my in-network rates.

BCBS will not do this. They say that there are hospitals nearby who are in-network and can provide the "same" service, so I should go there. This is not the case. No hospital in my area will provide the same kind of care that the birth center does. I have tried to explain this to them, my midwife has to, but they are sticking to their guns and I feel like I'm being bullied into a hospital birth. I'm not a newbie to this. I know how my body births and how it works best in labor, and that is in the relaxed atmosphere of a birth center where I can get in and out of the water, delivering in the water if I want to.

So, with all of this information, I'm endeavoring to get the policy at BCBS changed. I created a petition and I'm asking you ladies to sign it. It doesn't matter if you agree with birthing in a birth center or not, the point is that a woman should have the freedom to experience the intimate moment of childbirth where she is most comfortable. My state already outlaws homebirth, and now BCBS is trying to tell me I can't go to a birth center either. This isn't right. Please sign my petition and forward it to friends and family that you think might sign it. Together, we can get this policy changed, not just for me, but for other women with BCBS coverage!


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Why not a home birth??

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I am considering that, but in my area, there are only 3 midwives who do them. One is already booked. We had some issues last year with one of the other MW's getting arrested (not for something she really did) so it's really heated right now. Within the past couple of months the CNM's who were doing homebirths had to quit (many of them) because their supervising physician was told to stop supervising them by the state medical board. It's one big mess with hb's here right now and I'm not sure I want to delve into that world. Plus...I hate my house (we rent).

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That's horrible that BSBC is giving you such a hard time, when I gave birth to DS I had BSBC and I really loved them - it seemed like everywhere accepted them. Granted I was doing a hospital birth not a birth center or hb but I still believe that you should be able to chose where you want to give birth and how, insurance companies shouldn't be able to regulate this!

I tried signing the petition but it said it wasn't found.

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That is horrible. I tried to sign as well but the page is not found.

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I signed! I have BCBS and haven't had any issues with them--but I've always done hospital births. That is crazy that you can't choose a birthing center instead. Hope the petition gets the results you want!!

P.S. I couldn't sign using the first link, but the second link works just fine!