2nd Tri Exhaustion??

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2nd Tri Exhaustion??

I thought this all went away in the 2nd tri!! I know it didn't with DS, but I always thought that was b/c this was the time period we started having major issues with my blood sugar staying high, which does cause me to be very very tired. My blood sugar is still going really good, which when non-pg means I have extra energy, but I am EXHAUSTED almost constantly. Virtually no energy.

Anyone else? Can anyone give me hope that it might go away???

(Although even if it doesn't go away, I can't complain, b/c this has been a dream pregnancy so far compared to the one with DS!!)

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My sister who is now 28 weeks or so said her exhaustion didn't really go away until 16 weeks and her energy was better at like 20... I think that's what she said. I am still pretty exhausted now at 18 weeks. But I also have preg. insomnia so that might be why.

Hope you start to feel better soon!