Already squished?

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Already squished?

So I ate a bigger meal today and my belly is just feeling so squished inside. My insides feel like they don't have room in there. and my belly is all stretching and sore. How can I feel this way already!? UGH! 19 weeks tomorrow and I feel uncomfortable. I have a long road ahead of me... Anyone on the same page?

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Yup. Right there with you. Been like that for me for a couple weeks already. I can't eat as much in one sitting any more and after a couple bites I have to lean back to make space. And then my belly feels huuuuuge by the end of the meal.

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I've barely been able to eat even half of the food I used to. Between sickness and now just overall belly size I rarely eat more than my 3 year old in one sitting these days.

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My belly feels really stretched out when I eat too much. I try to eat smaller meals more often. Sorry you're squished already!

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Yes! I'm there too...and I have been since about 13-14 wks. I also get out of breath when I bend over much bc it feels like I'm squishing belly and lungs. And I'm doing good to eat a whole sandwich in one sitting. I keep telling my hubby that it is waaayyyyy too early for all of this!!! Smile