Alrighty Update Time

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Alrighty Update Time

So I had my 28 week appointment today. It went well I guess. (I'm 28w4)

They asked how my UTI is feeling- I said the same as before. They are gonna retest me in 2 weeks to make sure it's gone.

My weight is 135.4 lbs (at 20 lbs from early first tri)

Belly is measuring at 25 weeks. Dr wasn't worried.. but I am. I measured 25 weeks two weeks ago. She said if the gap is over 3 weeks is when she would be concerned but she isn't. :/ IDK. I'm 28w4d. That's more that 3 weeks. :/ but she said that if baby is laying transverse then my measurement would be smaller and she said that since DH and I are both so small it isn't surprising. IDK. I am freaked out and have been crying on and off all day. I can't help it. After what I went through it's hard not to worry. :/ So if the gap has gotten bigger at next appointment we will have an ultrasound probably. I just hope that it (the gap) isn't bigger and that it's smaller instead.

I had my glucose screening test today. They said no news is good news. So hopefully I won't be hearing from them at all.

Heart beat was 145 today.

Other News: My sister had her little boy yesterday. 6.6 lbs 18.5 in. Josiah is his name. I am so excited for my sis. Smile

And now for the photo updates I am SO FAR BEHIND ON Smile

I am going to post clickable thumbs so that it isn't as intense lol

25 Weeks 3 Days

26 Weeks

27 Weeks

28 Weeks

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Ah! Look at your belly! It is so cute Smile DH isn't looking too happy about his Wink

I'm sorry that you're stressing about the measurements. I wish that saying "if the doc isn't worried then you shouldn't be" would help but I know it won't. We are Woman: we will worry Blum 3 But I will be hoping that the gap decreases significantly by your next appt. Holding thumbs that you also hear radio silence re the glucose test.

Congrats on becoming an Aunty!

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It's actually my sisters 3rd but her first boy. Smile

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I know it's hard not to worry-- but i agree with Roxi- if dr is not worried, keep the faith with your dr. I just had this conversation with my dr about measuring ahead and she said they use this just as a tool to make sure things are going okay. So really, you were measuring about the same as your last apt-- you were tech about a week behind 2weeks ago, measuring about 2.5 now- my guess is the dr noted it and obviously will use the ultrasound to verify baby is doing well(which I'm sure he is). My dr mentioned as long as you are 3 wks behind or 3 weeks ahead they are okay with that. She said it could be the way the baby is laying, how much gas, fluids, etc can all affect the measurement. Hang in there- and try not yo worry too much. When's your next apt?

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next appointment is the 17th.

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Aw! Ya'll are so cute!! Biggrin

I know my belly is measuring "right on" even though baby is actually measuring a few weeks ahead. However, she is curled up down at the very bottom, so my measurements and baby's size don't actually match as a result. It could easily be his positioning in your stomach that makes you seem a bit smaller than what baby actually is. Try not to worry (much easier said than done I know!), that will only stress you out! Something none of us need any more of!

Congrats on the nephew!! Its so fun when little cousins are so close in age as your LO's will be! Biggrin