Am i looking for excuses?

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Am i looking for excuses?

So I've been having more intense contractions more seriously since last night... I've also had major backache for a few days and for at least 2 days have an almost constant crampiness at the very lower edge of the belly (like period pains). I also have sharp pains when I walk like I'm being kicked between the legs, and def greater pressure down there.

Its not going away but it doesn't seem to be getting worse very quickly either...

Am I being paranoid and all of this is just normal for this late in the pregnancy? Or should I call the doc and get checked out to see if I'm actually in the early stages of labour?

I'm nervous about going to write the exam tomorrow if I still feel like this. But if I have started dilating that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to deliver in the next 24 hours, right? So then do I go write anyways?

Or am I just looking for an excuse that is out of my control to not have to write?

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These last few weeks are definitely a lot less comfortable. I get lots of BH, pressure and pains from baby kicking and moving. I would say as long as things aren't getting more painful and closer together then I wouldn't worry about it too much. You can always call your dr though to check. As far as cervical checks go, you can be 4cm for a month or closed tight and deliver tomorrow... So I usually decline them. But if it would make you feel better then you could get checked.

I hope you are feeling better soon!