Am I the only one who hasnt?

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Am I the only one who hasnt?

Am I the only one who hasn't gotten an ultrasound yet? They had to refer me to a specialist for me to get an ultrasound... I guess they don't do it in their office. I got my appointment today for end of the month which doesn't make sense if they want me getting more ultrasounds then why wait until Im ready for the nt scan? Of course I wanna see my baby now! Just so I know its in their and safe and sound. I was thinking of finding a pregnancy help center and getting a free ultrasound.....

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:wave: I haven't! I haven't even had my first appt yet! That comes next Thursday and I'm HOPING I'll get an ultrasound, but idk for sure. Smile

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I haven't had an ultrasound yet either. I have my first appointment on Monday, but don't believe that includes an ultrasound.

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My dr had a machine in his on office... All I did at my appt was pee in a cup and get the ultrasound. I have to get blood work done before my next appt and then the next appt is the office "first" appt

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I got one at 6 weeks, and now I have had one every week since because I have a subchorionic hematoma. Now, I kind of want a break from them because I get so stressed every time. Sad

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I dont have my first appointment till the 14th and its just with the nurse. I wont get any ultrasounds until the 20 week scan. With all my kids I only got the 20 week one other than with my son and that was because I wasnt sure on my dates.