Anyone else do this?

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Anyone else do this?

I am so silly, but I had two extra pregnancy tests laying around, so I took one just for the fun of it to I guess "make sure" I'm still pregnant. Ha! Anyway, the test line was wayyyyyyyy darker than the control. In fact the control was super light. I wonder what this means? I used a FRER. Does this just mean I have a lot of HCG in my system? That's good right?

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I think it's perfectly normal for the test line to be darker than the control line further into the pregnancy. I think it has to do with your hcG levels.

I've been taking Wondfo HPTs every morning, just for the heck of it because I had a bag of them. I like seeing the progression of the test lines. I'm hoping I can get to the point that the test is darker than the control.

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Yes! It's very good!! It means your hcg is so high that the test line is stealing the dye from the control line. I did one worse and peed on an opk! Ha!! I still have two left and they expire in the next few months so I figured I might as well use them! It was fun to watch the line come up so fast!! The test line was so dark that it was almost black!!

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hahahaa, caitlin, i totally took a OPK just to pee on something...LOL glad i'm not the only one.... i still have one more 88 cent test that i'll take sometime soon i'm sure, just for the heck of it.....

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I have! My first few tests were so light, that seeing them get darker makes me so happy! Smile

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HAHA. I think we all just love POAS!... Plus they might as well be put to use. I POAS and I looked at it wrong and thought the control line was the "pregnant line" and got super worried.. That's until Roxi and some other pointed out that I was looking at it wrong and then I felt like and idiot. If you check the DYSAL you'll see how silly it is.

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Thank you soooo much girls!! Wahoo, I must have some good HCG!!