Anyone else (kinda TMI)

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Anyone else (kinda TMI)

"leaking" b/c baby is kicking the fire out of your bladder???

Never had this problem before! She delivers a swift kick or punch to the bladder and I'm left praying what little is in there didn't come out!! Sooo embarrassing and kinda nerve wracking! I can't be far from the bathroom now, more than ever!

On the upside....the anterior placenta is not preventing me from feeling movement now....hahaha...not sure which problem I prefer!!! Wink

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I'm having a super hard time with my bladder... I think baby loves to sit on it. :/ I can't hold it at all and I have the same concerns. Sad

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Squishy definitely likes to sit in my bladder but thankfully kicks forwards so far. I think I'd have the same problem if she kicked downwards onto the bladder.