Anyone opting for a VBAC? Seeing Midwife?

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Anyone opting for a VBAC? Seeing Midwife?

With my son my labor was a horrible experience. it was an emergency c section so this time around im trying for vbac and seeing a midwife instead of a OB. Doing things naturaly. Anyone else with me?

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I would LOVE a VBAC. However, I'm one of those people no one will let have one because of the diabetes, which can already cause birth complications with a normal birth, or so I'm told. :/

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James87 did you participate in the March 2012 board? I think I remember you? Anyway, I had a natural birth last time and although it was much more intense than I ever expected (and I said right after the birth "I can never do this again"), I'm going to try again. I switched half way through my pregnancy last time from my DR's office to a group of midwives and I was really pleased with the experience overall, the midwives were all extremely supportive and encouraging. I would think if you're going for a natural vbac, a midwife would be a great choice Smile

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I went to a midwife with DS1- I loved my appts but got stuck with a different midwife for l&d who was extremely rude and I wouldn't ever want to see again. Then when I called in 2011 to say that I had a + HPT but started bleeding that say the woman was very insensitive saying, "you are probably having an early m/c. take a test in a couple weeks and if it is still positive give me a call." the tone wasn't friendly at all and it hurt my feelings.

SO with PG3 I went to a Dr that my primary dr recommended and he was pretty good. I like him, he's funny and quirky though. But he knows everything that happened in my last pg so i decided to go back to him.

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i go to a ob/gyn but he has 2 midwives..... i LOVE my midwife i had with my DD and hope she's able to deliver this baby. I see all three of them throughout my pregnancy, so that way i get to work with all of them..... my ob/gyn was there when i gave birth to my DD, but my midwife was there during the labor and delivery too!! I did vbac with DD and hope to do it again......but it won't be "nautral" - i'll probably do the epidural again, but we'll see how it DD kept hitting my pelvic bone and it was EXTREMEMLY painful, the most pain i have ever experienced in my LIFE....EVER..... thank GOODNESS for the epidural, cuz that atleast numbed the pain a bit, i still felt everything, just took the intensity out of it

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In Denmark, everyone goes through a midwife and you just get checked with an obgyn once in a while. I was happy with that last time, although one of the midwives I had during delivery was super high strung and ended up making me more anxious. I think she was new. They have a very "pregnancy is not an illness" attitude in Denmark, for better or for worse.

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I had a horrible labor experience. 35 hours of labor, 2 hours of pushing, all ending in a c-section. But I recovered awesomely from the c-section and all of the complications I had were from the pushing and such. So I haven't fully decided. I just got told today that I failed my one hour sugar (had to get tested early since I have insulin dependent gestational diabetes last time). So I probably won't make it to my due date. I think to myself if I go into labor I will just try for the VBAC but I seriously doubt I will.

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This is my first so I have no previous experience but I'm going with a midwife. Here (Vancouver), midwives are part of the health care system and you can choose to have a dr or a midwife. But there aren't enough midwives to go around so it can be very competitive to get in (you almost have to call before the pee stick dries). I was able to get in with a group in my area and I'm meeting them on the 21st and I'm hoping to have a natural hospital birth.

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\]';I was in the Jan 2012 board but ended up having a december 2011 baby. My water broke 5 weeks early and I had a Dr I didnt know or like during delivery. He gave me an epidural at 2 cm and It didnt work so I still felt everything but yet i still couldnt get up and move around because of hospital policy. I had to get an amniotic infusion and was only in labor for 16 hours before the dr freaked out on me and said i had no choice but to get a c section and when i was in the OR i tried to tell them I could still feel everything I was screaming and crying and begging them to stop they thought I was just scared but as they were cutting me open the Anesthesiologist told them to stop and that I could still feel everything and they had to put me to sleep while cutting me open so to me I figure if I survived that then I can survive a natural vaginal birth. I feel like epidurals stall labor especially since it was given at 2 cm which i was told by multiple people that it was way too early.

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Woah, James87! That is a terrifying story!! I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I hope this time will be a good experience.

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thanks! thats what Im hoping for. I defintely am sticking to what i want