Appointment today

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Appointment today

We have a heart beat !!! Overall everything went well. I again declined all the additional screenings except the NT scan. I can't deal with the stress when I hear so many false positives. My only real concern is that I am measuring a little behind and they changed the due date to jan 8th. Doctor said we will do another ultrasound in 4 weeks for better measurements and due date. It did seem like he was shorting the measurements today. But would you be worried ? I am extra fluffy these days and was going to announce at work today as I would rather say something before people start asking since
I suck at lying. I think seeing the heart beat is a good positive sign right ?
Oh and he said I might have a bladder infection. Awesome. Lol.

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I wouldn't worry about the measurements just yet. How far behind are you measuring?

I think seeing the heartbeat is a good sign.

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Glad over all the appt went well. I wouldn't worry about size yet Smile KUP for your next ultrasound. Sucky on the bladder infection! Hope you get better soon.

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Seeing the heartbeat is a great sign!!

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Congrats on getting to see the HB!! That is always such a beautiful sight! I hope your next appt goes just as great! Smile