Appointment today

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Appointment today

So I had my 2 week recheck today. My dr couldnt find the baby's heart beat 2 weeks ago so he had me come back to check to see if we could get it after I was 12 weeks. I lost the 2-3 lbs that I gained so Im back down to prepreg weight BUT still look and feel huge. lol It took a bit of doing but he was finally able to get the babys heart beat. The baby is hiding by a blood vessel so he had issues finding the heartbeat for a little bit. Its funny because I had Trinity with me and she seemed oblivious to what was going on. She still doesnt know so it was an interesting appointment. I go back in 4 weeks for my check up. More than likely I will be able to scedule my ultrasound then because I will be 16.5-17.5 weeks at that point. It will be a few weeks after that but still should be able to schedule it at that point.

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Hooray for a good appt and hearing the baby's HB!! I bet you are so relieved!!

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Yay for heartbeat! Smile I'm glad you were able to find it Smile Hope you get your u/s next time.. Smile EXCITING! We are getting closer and closer!!!