Appointment today

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Appointment today

I just got back from my 20 week appointment.The babys heartbet was good and they kicked/hit the wand while he was trying to listen to it. Ive gained a bit more weight this month. I go back in a month and will do my glucose testing then because of being gestational diabetic with my son. I scheduled my ultrasound for tomorrow at 1pm. Im so excited. I am really hoping this baby is like my last 2 and cooperates.

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Congrats on a great appointment!! Good luck for tomorrow. KUP!

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OO yay! Exciting for the ultrasound tomorrow. Good Luck. KUP! Smile Are you doing a gender reveal?

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I will be finding out the sex and then may finally tell my mom lol still not sure how she doesnt know. I would love to do some big gender reveal but I know me as soon as I walk out if I know everyone will know lol. Ive seen so many cute ideas but I know I couldnt wait. Im thinking I will either tell my mom tomorrow night or I may try and get my brother and his wife and kids to come up for the weekend and tell their 4 kids my 3 kids and my mom at the same time. My kids dont know yet because my mom doesnt know.

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Congrats on the great appt!! And I hope baby cooperates! Smile