Appointment today!

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Appointment today!

Found out my scheduled c-section day! I am scheduled for 10:30am December 9th! I guess right on the question of the day! Of course she could always come sooner. Her measurements are right on track perfect...except her belly. Because of my GD she has a belly that is measuring between the 85 - 95th percentile. I never heard about this until this pregnancy. Maybe DS was in normal range so they never brought it up...?

I'm getting mixed signals too. My US Tech and my GD people are worried about it. But the doctors are not. So I don't know which way to go. Doc said that it is big but growth scans by US could be wrong. She recently had a patient that they were 2 pounds off (they said 10ish, baby came out 8). Nora is measuring about 5 pounds or so right now. They said they would re-evaluate at 36 weeks. So...? I dunno.