Appt + GENDER- :)

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Appt + GENDER- :)

They said baby's heart is looking great! We have an appointment to set up for 24 weeks for an echocardiogram. SO HAPPY!!!

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Congratulations on a healthy baby boy. Love your announcment. Woo hooo

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Yahoo How many times can I like that post???

That is WONDERFUL news Maddie!!!!!!!!!

Congrats on the for-sure boy status too!!!

(and ftr, your DS is simply adorable!!)

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Congrats!! I'm so happy for you! and congrats on the boy-confirmation Smile

Absolutely love the gender announcement card!

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so that's a score of 2 right, 2 wrong on the Placenta Placement Prediction

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Congrats on the boy!

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yeah on hte confirmation and i love your annoucement!!!!

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Love the announcement, Maddie and so happy for you.. yey for a beautiful boy Smile

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Congrats on the boy!! And a great appt!!