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Appt. Yesterday

Hi gals!

So, I never gave an update about my MFM appt yesterday. I'm telling you, this pregnancy has too many appts already. It is too early to start this every two week junk, which is what is already happening b/c of results. Ugh.

So, they did another NT U/S to see if there was still too much fluid in the neck. And there is. The numbers are better than last time, but she didn't care that they were better, she just cared that it was still too high. Sad Last time it was 5.8 I think or something closely outrageous like that. Bad, bad, bad. This time it was 3.7. Still bad. She doesn't seem so worried about chromosomal issues as she is worried about heart defects. Lucky for me I get an echo-cardiogram anyway because of being diabetic. I'm also going ahead and having the amniocentesis done. I'm not really worried about chromosomal issues but why not go ahead and put any niggling worry to rest if insurance will pay for it anyway b/c I have the marker for it. The nice thing about the amnio is that it will certainly put to rest any questions about gender. Haha...I'm so focused here, huh? I did call my reg. o.b. to get their take on it all, since I had the first NT with them last time. They said the reading they got on the NT was on the "high side of normal" but it was still within the normal ranges, and also that they got the 1st 1/2 of my blood work back that also reflects all those things, and it was all normal too. So....yay for some good news!!! I have another appt in two wks with the o.b. that a.m. and the MFM that afternoon. They will both be doing u/s and my MFM will do the amnio at that time too.

Aaannnndddd, the little stinker child would not turn over so I could even see the sweet little face, much less the gender. Baby stayed either face down, or with its back to us the ENTIRE time...and it was a looooong u/s. :/
But it was really funny b/c the baby is already getting the same proportions my son had body wise. My son has a huge head, long torso, and short legs. (He wears 7-8 shirts and 4t-5t pants depending on the brand and his head frequently gets stuck in the neck hole of his shirts.) The baby is measuring 2 wks ahead on head measurements, 1 and 1/2 wks behind on leg measurements, and right on with belly measurements. LOL Strange!!

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Wow- well hopefully since the blood work came back fine everything else will too.

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I'm sorry things are so crazy right now. i hope everything gets settled. I am praying for your and your family. Having a baby with a heart defect is devastating. :bigarmhug: I pray that you guys will have a completely healthy baby. Amnio's are uncomfortable just to prepare you.

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I'm sorry you're having to go through this! In glad you have gotten better results though. I hope baby shows you the goods at your next appt. My little one wouldn't show either and I got up and emptied my bladder and then we were able to see!