Apt and a good day

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Apt and a good day

Hi Ladies

Life has been crazy here. Thought I would jump back in (ever feel guilty for not being able to catch up?) and give an update on my midwife apt yesterday.

It was pretty good. Again, she talked about inducing me, so I could be done with all the pain from pregnancy and my failing gal bladder. I told her she could induce me if Baby Girl was fully developed and wouldn't end up in the NICU and if it could be done without chemicals. Needless to say, that discussion was put to a close Smile I am 37 1/2 weeks, and my stomach is measuring 38 weeks, so things are good there. Heartbeat was a little slower than the last several weeks, but not anything to worry about. Baby Girl was chill this time, instead of dancing around. I had the GBS test, and I'm waiting for those results. Since I was already half naked (oh the joys) she checked my cervix. I am 3cm and 50%. And she touched Baby Girl's head! I know that shouldn't surprise me, but it did. I almost started crying. The though that my baby is close to be here that the midwife could touch her! We talked a bit more about how fast my births are. She gave me a note to give to my work stating I had to be able to park close to the building so I would have a vehicle available to me at any given moment. Wahoo- no more bumpy and painful shuttle! We reviewed my birth plan, and she added a few clarifying notes. We talked briefly about birth control after the baby is born.

Overall, it was a good apt. She said I am physically ready to go anytime, considering my numbers and how low Baby Girl is. She was teasing me that if I had the baby this weekend, it would be good because she's on call and lives only 3 minutes from the hospital so she might actually make it for the birth.

To make things even better, I had a fairly good chat with FH yesterday. The pressure to be ready for Baby Girl has pushed me to want to get a name decided. Since he and I couldn't agree, I told him yesterday that unless we came up with something in the short time before she was born, I was going to go with the name I had been wanting for a while, even though he wasn't fond of it. To be considerate of him, I wanted him to choose her middle name- anything, whatever he wanted. He didn't exactly agree, but said what he wanted for a middle name. SO! I think we may have a sort of compromise on her name. I also mentioned that I was including him on the birth plan, because as her father I wanted HIM to be making any decisions that I couldn't, and he said Thank you. When I brought up visitation with her, and what my suggestion was, he said that sounded logical. Three big issues were brought up, and we mostly agreed on all of them! Amazing! We seem to be working together pretty well on things. I don't want to push my luck or jinx anything, but I am *really* grateful for it.

So that's my update! Hope you all are doing well. I'm going to browse the board and try to catch up on what I missed.

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Wow, Marie! That sounds like a great appointment!

I revise my bet on Maddie being the first to pop ;-P Sounds like your Baby Girl is ready to go!

I'm really glad that FH is cooperating, after all that you have been thru recently.

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uh oh - yup, i'm thinking Marie you're going to be 1st... i didn't realize you were already 37wks.... wow!! 3cm and 50% effaced.....awesome! i'd say you'll be having that baby girl soon!!!

Glad to hear things are going well thus far and hoping they continue to go that way.

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Glad you popped back around Marie. Like I said yesterday sounds like a good appointment and Im glad your fh is cooperating with you on things. Hopefully everything goes smooth. Smile

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Wahoo! Sounds like everything is working out well for you! Come on little baby! We are all getting baby fever here! Need someone that is actually full term to deliver! Biggrin (That is, if mommy is ready for you....definitely try to go according to her wishes :D)

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Woo! Sounds like things are going pretty well. You are so close!! How exciting!!

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sounds like a great visit, and you are all ready to go!

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I'm so glad to hear things are going so well. I was 37 weeks yesterday and its really hitting me how close we are all getting!!