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apt today

Well,i had a great apt - blood pressure is doing GREAT!!! so happy with that. Haven't gained any weight yet (yah!) Only had to get a bunch of blood work done and that's that. I did schudule my gender scan for July 30th!!!! in the afternoon, sooo excitied about that....
Since DH can't be there, i'm going to have the ultrasound lady write it out and then put it in the envelope and then after work i'm meeting up with a friend and DH and DD and i'll give her the envelope and then she'll hand us the appropriate colored silly string to spray and then she'll say GO and we'll spray each other to find out what we're having...... and she'll take pics......

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That's great! I thought of doing the silly string at a going away party for my brother. We are going to find out at the appointment. But I told everyone we are going to do blue or pink icing in the cake. So while they are looking at that we are going to spray everyone with the silly string in the blue or pink.

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Those are both awesome Gender reveal ideas!! Unfortunately we're too far away from our families to do anything special like that. Will have to discuss it with DH to figure out something fun.

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I don't think we are doing a big gender reveal this time. It's a lot more stressful of a pregnancy for us and we are big blabber mouths anyway. lol. If it ends up being a girl we will do one i bet.. I think it would be more of a surprise since everyone thinks this is a boy anyway.

I am sooo glad your appointment went so great! Super exciting. Don't forget to put it on the appointment so I don't forget to put it on there Blum 3 I'm soo excited that we are all getting ready to find out what our baby's genders are! YAY.

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I'm glad you had a great appt and that your BP is good. I'm jealous that you haven't gained any weight! I've gained some and am still under what I was with DS, but wish I could stay where I'm at. Ha! Can't wait for your anatomy scan!! I hope the month flies by!

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That's a really fun idea Jules! I hadn't considered doing one between DH and I b/c he won't be at my Gender U/S either. Hmmm....I'm gonna hafta think on this now. hehe

And YAY for a great appt!! I celebrate anybody and everybody's good appts because I've had enough bad ones to last us all! I'm glad everything is going well, and hope that your bloodwork comes back spic and span beautiful! Smile

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Hopefully no more bad ones for you Jana!