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Apt today

So had my echocardiogram today and things look good thus far with the heart. She is still she and is a very stubborn baby- the tech kept saying- oh boy you are in trouble...she knows wha t she wants and a u/s is not what she wants right now. They did say that my cord attached to the placenta at the very edge, which can restrict baby growth, so I will have to get another ultrasound in a few weeks to check growth of baby-- she seemed to think it should be okay, but just wants me to be monitored. So that's that..

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Yay for a good echo...I was wondering about when that gets scheduled cause I know I'm going to have to have one too. Glad to hear it went well overall!! And we'll just pray she grows right on schedule!! Smile

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Glad the heart is looking great Smile I hope everything goes well with growth. I'll be looking for updates Smile

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Im glad everything looked good. Must be a relief. Smile Hopefully the cord placement doesnt mean much but atleast you get to see your lil one again

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Hooray for a great appt!! I'm glad all was well!