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apt today

SO, had my apt today - everything is going well. Baby is measuring perfectly at 34wks...which is where i'm at....so far no huge baby! Smile She's about 5lbs and fluid is great and she's head down!!! yeah. I think she might've just turned this week, since i feel like i dropped and i've had a lot more discomfort - my pelvic bones feel like they are being spread apart and i've been rather crampy - guess i'm having contractions - so they did a swab that will indicate if some sort of fluid is there - if it is, it can indicate that a person can have their baby in like 2wks (not a garuntee) if it's not, then chances are they won't. My cervix is very soft, but not dilated and the head is not engaged - so i should be fine. To me, i'm taking it as my body is doing what it needs to do to prepare for labor.... since she seems to be growing fine - i go back next week and then i will start 2x weekly. Oh and during my NST(non stress test) baby was NOT moving- so they had to buzz her and she i'm pretty sure jumped in there....she totally freaked out...it was hilirious, i just wish i could have seen on the inside what she did....lol.

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Hooray for a great appt! Sounds like things are going perfectly for you!! I was so relieved to see my baby head down at our last appt also! Here's to hoping they stay that way! Smile I am so with you on the pubic bone pain. I have been dealing with this for so long and it is really tough! So painful and can really wear you down!

I haven't been on in a long time... are you high risk for something? 2 times a week seems like a lot! I am still going every other week. Sorry that I'm out of the loop!

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Glad things seem to be going well. It's good that you aren't dilating or effacing yet. Stay and bake little baby girl! 2x week!? Woah. lots of appointments. I'm going weekly now since of PTL (preterm labor).

You aren't on nearly as much. Everything okay at home and such?? Miss ya!

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yup, i start 2x a week - i have to get biophysicals and non stress tests, along with my regular apt. I had A LOT of complications with DD, so i think they are being proactive - which i'm totally okay with. I also have GD and am on insulin, which i've had to increase once already, so that's another reason, along with just being high risk for preterm labor due to all the bleeding i had in the begining and just doing fertility treatments.....sooooo...... yeah. I feel bad for my co worker cuz i'm going to be gone a lot, but i try my best to schudule things first thing in the morning... Apt tomorrow and hoping she's still head down.....

caitlin - glad you posted ..... i agree with maddie, haven't see you around - hope things are going well!!

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Glad its going well for you Jules!

I'm right there with ya on all the appts and stuff...craziness!!