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apt today

Had a apt today - got my induction date of 12/14 - so the end is in sight... Smile oBviously i can go at anytime, but this makes it real and i kinda like knowing the end date..... They are going to check me next week to see if anything is going on - which with how uncomfortable i've been - i hope something is going on....plus i'd feel better if i knew my body was getting ready before inducing..... on monday they are going to measure the baby again to see how she's measuring.....so i'll know more next week if we're still on for 12/14. My fulid also went from 8 to 9, so that's good.

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That's great Jules. I'm glad that you feel like you have a end goal now Smile That's fantastic Smile KUP of course Smile

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Glad you're feeling good about things and that's good about your fluid. It won't be long now!