Awesome garage sale find

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Awesome garage sale find

So I went garage saling yesterday(singe its after 1:30 am on sunday now. I got a bunch of clothes and things that I need for the baby but I also had found a doppler that looks like what they dr uses. I was talking to the lady that owned it and she told me that it works pretty good a little staticy but otherwise it works. So I spent the $2 on it. It didnt come with the gel you need so I used some petrolium jelly I had. It works awesome. I only have my older 2 kids right now and they were sitting there listening to the baby and thought it was ptrtty cool when she would hit or kick the monitor. I had one of those cheap walmart ones when I was pregnant with Trinity and it never worked so Im really happy that this actually worked and I didnt spend an arm and a leg on it. Ive been looking at them online trying to keep back monney but never figured I would get one. I even made a recording on my cell phone of her heartbeat. I text my best friend and told her. She text back that she wanted to hear it so I called her and she listened to it. She thought it was pretty cool like I did. Smile

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THAT'S SO AWESOME! I wish I could find one. I want a doppler so bad! Especially with all my anxiety right now. Jealous! Smile That's awesome though. Happy for ya!

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Thats so cool! I hadn't thought of getting a doppler, but now I think I'll try to find one. DH hasn't been able to go to a single ultrasound or appt bc of his job. This would make it so much more real for him and DS.

AWESOME!!! Smile