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Baby Clothes

So, I've never dealt with a brand new baby in the winter. Do you layer them a lot with several thinner layers (for those of us down south) or do you put just a couple of thicker layers on? (Ex. onesie, shirt, jacket or sweater, blanket on top for multiple thinner layers or one thick layer of fleece like sleeper and a thick blanket)

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I think it depends on whether you're going in the car seat or not. If you are then fat layers are a "no" because it interferes with the secureness of the straps.

Thinner layers are probably better, plus a blanket.

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I also live down south and have mild winters. DD was born in November, so I've done the winter baby thing! I like to layer a onesie (long or short sleeve depending on circumstances) under most outfits. I also found that most lightweight hoodie type jackets were thin enough to go on before being strapped in the car. I found sweaters much bulkier so I don't do those with the car seat. I also tucked a receiving blanket around her and then added a warmer blanket if necessary. Also, even in mild winters I still used a hat almost all of the time that first winter with her. Oh, also when possible I like to pull socks up over the baby's pants. I think they stay on better that way.

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Trinity was born in January and Taylor was born on New Years Eve so Ive had 2 in winter so far. I do a one piece outfit or a long sleaved onesie, pants and socks. In the carseat I have a blanket and a car seat cover. When we get to the van I unzip the cover so they dont get too hot. Layering them too much tehy could get over heated. Car seat covers are good. You have to do what you are comfortable with. Iowa winters can be really cold and snowy or milder. Im hoping this one is milder.

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Chicago can get beast winters --- snow might be coming next week already--- so i plan on putting on a onsie (just a white one) under all her outfits....unless it's those 3 piece ones, then it comes with a little cardigan and pants.....obviously socks if the pants are not footie ones and when we go out, i have a carseat cover that covers the carseat and just has an opening for her face and then i have a blanket one that goes over the whole carseat - which i will uncover once in the car, but leave the carseat cover that just leaves her face open on... hope that made sense. I have a fleece blanket in the car already for my DD, since i take her coat off once we get in the car. oh and she'll wear hats..... IF we are just inside, then depends on how warm it is inside and if she is swaddled...but i'll have some blankets avaialbe too

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I also live in the south where it gets cold, but nothing insane. I always put baby in an undershirt (just a white onesie) and then put their outfit on top. My babies mostly just wear one piece footed outfits. For whatever reason, I prefer these and don't typically do shirts/pants. As for going out in the carseat. I would strap baby in with their normal clothes on and then put a lap blanket on them and throw a blanket over the seat as we head out the door. I second that you don't want to do any kind of puffy jacket or snowsuit or anything in the car seat. If you plan to be outside for a while (for example if you go to a lighting of your local downtown or something) you could do a snowsuit. With DS I preferred to wear him in the moby, and then I got an oversized fleece half zip shirt from old navy and I would wear that over him in the moby to help keep him warm. Of course with a hat on. That worked out great and kept both of us toasty warm!