Belly changes size

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Belly changes size

Anyone else notice that the belly is smaller first thing in the am and bigger in the pm?

Not making me anxious, just an observation Smile

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yeah. Ithink it's cause you've fasted all night and then also some bloat Smile hehe

I try to take my pictures at night every week around the same time so that it's all much more even. Smile

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Yup! I look fat to a little pregnant in the morning. By afternoon there is no question it is pregnancy. Smile

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Yep! Huge difference! With DS I always took my belly pics in the morning before eating so that the pics would all be kind of baseline.

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I tend to take my pics at night then I look the biggest **tee hee**

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Ditto...I found that to be true with all my pregnancies, smaller first thing in the morning. Wink