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Hello All! Tested today and got a super dark positive! So freaking excited. DH and I have been TTC since our son turned one. So a full 27 or so months, about 6 cycles of cloimd, and an infinite amount of pregnancy tests and here we are! I have not told him yet since he does not function before work very well, and DS has been sick for a few days. We've been totally stressed, but now I just feel this huge amount of relief.

If everything goes right we are due December 13th and DS's birthday is December 20th. I also am supposed to graduate with my master's degree this December. Its going to be an interesting year!

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Congrats and welcome!! We had a long road to get DS also so I know how you're feeling. So glad you get to stick around! Smile

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Congrats!! It took us almost a yr to concieve our last baby and that was after a m/c, so I can sorta relate. i'm sooooo happy for u!

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Congrats on the BFP! I am supposed to file my dissertation at the end of January, so I know how you feel! Smile