Bloating went away?

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Bloating went away?

Is it normal for the bloating to go away? I'm back to wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans :confused:

This has freaked me out because I'm suddenly having scary thoughts that the baby has stopped growing. It's probably just the stress from studying that has me so wired but I can't shake this now.

My week 10 photo shows a smaller belly than week 9......Is it normal?

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My boobs shrunk last week, and I had three days where I felt normal. I freaked out. Then, everything came back with a vengeance. I think it all really fluctuates during this time. Your uterus isn't much larger than when you are not pregnant right now, so if anything, everything else in there is just probably less bloated right now. It is so hard not to worry, isn't it?

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yup..i'm weaning from my meds, so a lot of my bloating is going away..... i'm not nearly as bloated as i was 2-3wks ago.... i'm actually feeling better that the bloat is going away a bit since i was getting a bit nervous that i wasn't going to be fitting in my pants much longer, but i can wear my work pants with no issues....granted they are my fat pants, but they are normal pants and thye are

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My belly really shrunk the other day. I was really bummed about it.. but it seems to be back

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I'm still in my regular pants and I can pull my tummy all the way in again. I was so hoping I'd be one of those people who show early.

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This is the first time this far though and so you probably got a bit. My first pregnancy I didn't show until way later. I'll post some pics later. Smile

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